ANELTEC is a leading company which operates in the industry of seals, rubber drawn products and technical items for the building industry. It has been operating nationwide and worldwide since 1982. Quality, timely deliveries and technological innovations are the pillars upon which the company was able to achieve an ever growing success.

Our first steps

ANELTEC was established in 1982 from an idea of Roberto Baffè who decided to exploit the skills acquired after a long- running career in the industry to set up a company able to effectively meet the market needs of the wastewater sealing system industry with professionalism and expertise. To date, after over 30 years, nothing has changed: we strive to be always at the forefront of innovation and in step with the times.
In no other way we can ensure that the ANELTEC brand will be always associated with quality on a global scale.

Technology and innovation

Companies operating in our sector must always be in step with the times. That is why ANELTEC pays particular attention to cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with the utmost safety, competence and quality.

Quality and reliability

Each product coming out of our factory undergoes strict quality checks to verify its compliance with European regulations in force as well as ANELTEC high quality standards.


We have always stood out on the worldwide scene for our professionalism and organization. This is why we can provide our customers with the utmost reliability and timely deliveries.

Customer Caring

After an entire life working in close contact with pre- manufacturers and manufacturers of concrete pipes all around the world, our know-how enables us to meet all customers’ needs.


Our company has operated in the wastewater sealing system industry for over 30 years. Thanks to the invaluable experience gained in the eld, the continual experiments and cutting-edge manufacturing systems, we have established ourselves as a world’s leading company.
ANELTEC is to date one of the few companies worldwide able to meet both standard requirements coming from small-sized rms and complex issues related to large tenders.

Our Company