A complete range of easy-to-install profiles for sealing construction joints, fittings and construction joints. In our catalog you will find profiles based on sodium bentonite, butyl rubber, hydro-expansive sealants, waterstop in pvc for movement joints and everything you need to create joints and watertight casting joints.



The waterstop joints are PVC profiles used to create expansion and expansion joints in reinforced concrete castings. They ensure a perfect hydraulic seal of the structures (pipes, tanks, dams, purifiers, etc.) and are sized to withstand the stresses of the structures settling and to adapt to thermal excursions. They can also be made of rubber. They ensure a perfect hydraulic seal, and are sized to withstand the stresses to which the structure is subjected during the settling phase and to adapt to the expansion and contraction movements due to the thermal excursion.


giunto bentonitico

It is used for the hydraulic sealing of concrete casting joints. In contact with water, it increases its volume, filling every crack and cavity, and thus creating a perfect seal to the passage of water. It is available in two sections, and supplied on request with a fixing net.

Bentonite Waterstop is used for:

  • vertical and horizontal casting of underground structures;
  • sealing in all situations that allow regular confinement;


The ANELTEC butyl rubber sealant is designed to seal the interlocking of concrete pipes and manholes, which is used where the geometry of the interlocking does not allow an optimal seal with a normal extruded profile in EPDM. Thanks to the product's exceptional adhesive capabilities, our butyl rubber gasket easily adapts to even the most complex geometries, allowing an excellent seal. The profile complies with the current ASTM C-990 Regulations.



  • It easily adapts to both very high and very low temperatures.
  • It has good chemical and mechanical adhesion to surfaces.
  • The joints made with our butyl rubber sealant are free from changes in size, hardening and oxidation during aging.

Each pack of butyl rubber sealant consists of 5 rolls of product, for a total size of 22 meters. Our butyl sealant is normally applied without the use of primer, except in particularly difficult cases. For correct assembly of the butyl rubber sealant, the interlocking surfaces must be clean and dry. The profile must be positioned without pre-tensioning, in order to avoid variations in the original shapes and geometries of the product. The gasket works optimally with a compression between 30% and 50%.

Our ANELTEC butyl rubber sealant complies with ASTM C-990 regulations, and is produced in compliance with all the characteristics required by the standard, in addition to the high quality standards of our company. All information about it can be viewed by downloading the technical data sheet of the butyl rubber sealant.